Sfe.Bor. is an Arezzo-based company specialising in the production, almost always by hand, of a large collection of jewellery and necklaces in gold, silver and bronze.

In particular, Sfe.Bor. has focused its production on necklaces, bracelets, earrings and fancy and super-light empty chains. Most of these items are processed directly by hand by master jewellers who can add value to materials that are already noble.

As far as the design of the jewels is concerned, they are conceived and designed by a team of creative design companies that are always able to generate artistic masterpieces to wear and display.

Sfe.Bor has not only been continuously offering new collections since 1976, but is also able to intervene on pre-existing jewels to repair or regulate them differently.

The style that distinguishes the various lines of jewellery differs for a classic taste or, perhaps, more youthful and informal, but always presents unique stylistic features, a sign of quality, originality and exclusivity.

Every work carried out by the jewellers of via Berti is recognizable for the accurate workmanship and for the refined attention to detail, even of those apparently less significant.

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